back to article Napster will live on in the UK

Napster has won itself a reprieve - at least in the UK and Germany. The name will continue in these two European territories, a local spokesman insisted today. "There is no intention to close Napster in either Germany or the UK," he told Reg Hardware. Last week, Rhapsody, which in November bought Napster from US retail giant …


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  1. Rob

    Had to check...

    ... that RealPlayer still exsisted, I can't remember the last time I had to install that piece of bloatware, probably back in the day when they had their own proprietry video format that people were using on websites.

    1. Stuart Castle


      Still exists. More bloated and irritating than ever. Sadly, we have to install it at work as some of our corporate videos are in rm format, are bad quality and we've lost the originals.

  2. Derek Currie

    Napster Died In 2001

    What's all this here talk about Napster will live on? Weren't it killed off and died in 2001? I should say so! What we have here is RIAAster! Clean, bright and sanitized to make the likes of the Corporate Oligarchy all smiling and shiny like, I'd say! Have fun with that you will, won't ye Real? ;-D

  3. Big O
    Thumb Up

    Ah excellent, I will download some more George Clinton to celebrate :)

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