back to article FCC slams AT&T and T-Mobile union

The US Federal Communications Commission has issued a damning staff report on the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile USA, despite the companies' protests. The FCC's order (PDF) for the release of the report said that the prospective union "raised serious concerns", adding that the result would be that the top two wireless …


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we need diversity not monopolies

I do not want AT&T to merge with T-Mobile. I have a T-Mobile plan that is unique. I would never be able to get this exact plan from another carrier and I am pretty sure a merger would mean higher prices and less choice for me.

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What you're forgetting...

Its great you have a nice package with TM-US.

What you're forgetting however is that it is a millstone around DT's kneck and that AT&T deal might possibly have been the best deal for you. TM-US don't have a nice package with you.

TM-US isn't performing well enough for DT to want to keep it . They're limited in what they can do in the way of LTE expansion (going as far as to call HSPA 4G to try and seem competative).

At least with AT&T there'd be no change in handset or SIM required.

One way or another TM-US is likely to go away. Its been more or less on the market for some time, and this seems to have been the only nibble.

Its a short term victory that leads in a long term defeat for the customer.

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I do not want T-Mobile to merge with AT&T either. Earlier this year when they thought the deal was going through, I got a call from a nice T-Mobile customer service lady to ask my opinion. I told her frankly that if the merger goes through, I will certainly move to a different carrier.

Not that my T-Mobile plan is particularly good, but it has one really big thing going for it - it's NOT AT&T. I've had experience with those bastards in the past, and even if I hadn't, I wouldn't put my service in the hands of the carrier that most enthusiastically cooperated with the US Government's illegal domestic spying program.

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The merger was not going to create jobs after all? Colour me surprised!


AT&T isn't going to get any love from the DOJ and waiting for a new Administration isn't going to help it either. DT may as well look for someone else to buy T-Mobile. It's not going to happen with AT&T. Everyone is against it accept DT& AT&T. No one is buying their corporate rhetoric.

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