back to article Microsoft issues first upgrade to Office 365

Microsoft has issued its first update to the Office 365 cloud portfolio, adding support for the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango release and Apple’s OS X Lion operating system, and updating storage and sharing services. The update contains over 30 new features (although some of these stretch the term "new"), including major revisions …


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Its nice but...

Truth be told I think that having the ability to edit documents online can be very handy sometimes. I've used MS online web apps myself a couple of times now and it just works.

Still... In my opinion the real advantage here is having offline applications which provide support for online data. In other words; leaving the choice up to the end-users.

And IMO Office 2010 does an excellent job there. With the click of a button I can save my local data straight to an online storage (SkyDrive), and with the same ease I can reload it again.

But we should always realize; online work is pretty nifty; until the line fails and you're offline again. In such cases I prefer having the option to continue working instead of having to close the office down for the day.


So they've fixed....

So they've fixed the reliability issues for the 365 service?

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