back to article Amazon cloud rival adds object storage service

Amazon cloud competitor Joyent is going to add an object storage service which will be a good testbed to see if the cloud could be an object storage launch ramp. Joyent, which has no relationship to Sun veteran Bill Joy whatsoever, broadly offers cloud computer and storage services – like Amazon – but with service level …


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Anonymous Coward

Jason Hoffman

Is that seriously the best photo of Jason Hoffman that the Joyent Media Relations Dept could produce?

With a CEO looking like that I'd hesitate to trust them with my pr0n collection.


NAS layer

You wrote it: "A downside is that traditional filer access protocols, such as NFS and CIFS, can't generally be used for object storage."

Err, no, not really:

"Scalable — Scalable from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes; store billions of files and get broad access through HTTP and with the new DX6000G, via standard file protocols (CIFS and NFS)" - here:

FYI Chris, you wrote the article about new Dell storage products where you've mentioned Dell's Ocarina-based DX6000G cluster node - that's the part which provides CIFS/NFS access to the object-based DX6000 storage backend:

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