back to article Server makers start pushing Opteron 6200 tin

The 16-core "Interlagos" Opteron 6200 processors marched into the x86 server chip war nearly two weeks ago, and Advanced Micro devices made its sales pitch against Intel's Xeon server lineup. The question now is: who is actually making servers selling Opteron 6200 processors? To put it simply, the answer to that question is …


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Where's the scale up?

Whilst I applaud hp's support for the new Opterons, I have to wonder why the hp contribution stops at four sockets (DL585)? Where's the new eight-socket option to replace the old DL785 G6 and match the Xeon-based Giant Prolaint DL980? With hp already planning to use the Superdome2 tech to produce am ultrafast 32-socket Xeon server, the new Opteron offering appears a bit limited in scale up.

I'm not surprised Snoreacle aren't making any new Opteron boxes though, as it would be far too easy to compare a 16-core Opteron with a 16-core T-whatever, especially as the Opteron option would probably be far cheaper.

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