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Durham constabulary is planning to use social media to enable people to follow what is happening in their immediate neighbourhood in real time. It is developing a new website along with web technology firm C2 Software that will provide a channel for people to view its activities through Twitter feeds from police on the beat, a …


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You'll never tweet me alive, copper!



I am sure my elderly parents who have suffered 4 years of harassment and abuse from a neighbour while Durham police did nothing will be overjoyed by this.


So, no longer Trial by Tabloid...

... now it will be Trial By Twitter.

PC 456 tweets: Spoke to man after complaints of someone hanging around near childrens' playground.

Daily Mail reader nearby re-tweets this and says "I saw the Policeman talking to Fred Bloggs from down the road, he must be a kiddy fiddler"!

The fact that Mr Bloggs was waiting for his ex-wife to deliver their kid because they have joint custody and the PC accepted this explanation doesn't get out there and Mr Bloggs now has his reputation besmirched.

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