back to article Sony delays 3D PlayStation telly in Europe

Sony's 3D PlayStation telly has been delayed in Europe, with a release date now expected some time in 2012. The PlayStation TV was originally set to roll out this month in both the US and Europe. However, the European launch date has been pushed back, Eurogamer reports. PlayStation 3D TV Perhaps it's a question of ownership …


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  1. Squiggle


    Perhaps they've realised that consumers really don't want to fork out obscene amounts of cash of lacklustre technologies that are neither innovative or desirable and the market clearly seems to back me up on this.

    ... Hang on ...

    ... Sony having business foresight ... vs ... Sony being inept ...

    Silly me ... !

  2. Gary F

    £410 is a good price if you intend to stick with a 24" TV for the next 5 years. Maybe it has an HDMI output that can connect up to a bigger TV to increase its longevity?

    I suppose it's ideal for a teenager's bedroom where you'd hope they wouldn't ever have a family size TV in there. Very unsociable - they should gather in the lounge with the rest of the family to watch a big TV where they can talk and have something called a "conversation" which doesn't involve pushing buttons. Crikey, I sound like someone's grandfather!

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