back to article Storage minnow Infortrend is growing up... fast

What is it with Infortrend? We can't carry on placing it as a minor league player when it adds auto-tiering just weeks after adding SSD support. Infortrend is a Taiwan-based disk array supplier to small and medium businesses, and one of its main products is the ESVA, Enterprise Scalable Virtual Array, a Fibre Channel or iSSI- …


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I like Infortrend, but...

I like them because they offered a decent-spec RAID6 iSCSI enclosure years ago when I was first in the market for one. Dirt-cheap with 3.5" SATA drives, but the iSCSI controller is a bit slow.

I got another one with a U320 SCSI connector, and that beast flies! Excellent investment for D2D backups.

My problem is that spare parts take up to 2 weeks to arrive. I had the U320 controller die, and really struggled for backups (small shop, and a bit hard to justify keeping a spare).

I daresay by now the iSCSI controller speed will have been sorted, so if they can keep the parts chain topped up they're well worth a look. In fact, I got a SAS one for a different company, and it's a great box. It was only the parts situation that made me recommend an HP (DotHill) box for their live storage.

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