back to article Microsoft pockets VideoSurf to create big search waves

Microsoft has bought San Mateo, California-based VideoSurf for an undisclosed sum. The company, which was founded in 2006, developed software that scans videos to identify images, thereby doing away with the need to refer back to metadata. It currently has over 50 million users and could be considered as a would-be rival to …


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Anonymous Coward

Remember, The Internet Is For Porn

The killer app for this technology is ensuring your <favourite porn video site> search* for "cute teen big tits"** doesn't return a 60yo crackwhore with a face like a bulldog chewing on a thistle.***

Or Rick Astley.****

* Not that you would ever use such a service of course. It's all those other people who do.

** Or your favourite kink.

*** Unless this is your favourite kink.

**** Under any circumstances.

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