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Enterprises have a problem with data: its volume, velocity and variety is growing at an alarming rate. Analyst IDC says that there is already more data in the world than there is space to store it, and according to IBM every two days we create as much data as all the data that was created before 2003. According to The …


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First of all ...

... don't give $BIGCO any real data. Lie wherever possible, and always pay cash. Use "found" club-cards wherever possible. You don't owe them your personal details.

Second of all, am I the only one who sees this "must collect any and all data" as the same syndrome that teenage boys have, that being "must save any porn I come in contact with"?[1] The results seem to be the same ... Gut feeling is that the marketards running $BIGCO have never grown up, and have never figured out that "yesterday's porn has already been viewed" ... The world changes rapidly; last decade's data isn't just stale, it's decomposing.

That said, I personally, have nearly four decades of my personal data archived. It's very, very rare that I find anything over a couple years old useful[2].

Just something for the marketards of the world to chew over.

[1] I've been unclogging dorm-room computers since before the IBM 5150 existed.

[2] Pictures[3], music and bits of source code excepted, of course.

[3] No, not those pictures. Personally relevant pictures.

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