back to article Flash array start-up SolidFire begins the hard sell

Flash array startup SolidFire says it virtualises performance. What does it mean? At a press briefing in Arista's offices (yes, Arista), we learnt that SolidFire offers an all-flash array with in-line deduplication, compression and thin provisioning to effectively increase the capacity and lower the cost/GB of its product …


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To clarify my comment;


He pointed out that SolidFire deduplication is global, working across all volumes, whereas "NetApp ASIS only dedupes on a per-volume basis in an array and not across volumes in an array." Alex McDonald from NetApp's office of the CTO confirmed this but said NetApp can have many, many LUNS in a volume.


Since you can have lots of things (LUNs or filesystems) inside a NetApp volume, and a volume is a virtual construct that can be very large indeed -- several 10s of TB -- then global dedupe really doesn't buy you much saved space if you're already deduping across that much data.

Good on SolidFire though to recognize that we're the storage system of choice. ;-)

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