back to article Overland struggles to keep its head above water

It sure isn't a snap as Overland reported quarterly results that still show hopes of a long-awaited recovery are unsatisfied. One swallow doesn't make a summer but it sure would be nice to see a swallow, any swallow. Revenues for its second financial 2012 quarter were $14.1m, 20 per cent down on the year-ago quarter. Ouch. …


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Such a pity about Overland Storage being in the red

They do make great tape products but I believe their quest to be a storage company with their [bargain] acquisition of SNAP and also trying to raise their profile as a serious player in the [somewhat saturated] disk storage market over the past five years could be the issue at hand.

Perhaps if they followed SpectraLogic's example of sticking with medium to enterprise tape/disk backup devices they'd be a little better off financially.

I'd hate to see them disappear into the ether of technology "has beens" as they do have a good product set and a great team behind it within EMEA.

Good to see they clawed some cash back with settlements on patent infringements but it's not quite as rewarding as profit from sales figures..



Aren't they dead yet?

The writing's on the wall if all they've got to fall back on is patent trolling.

Unlike Mondo's experience above, my own experience of Overland's products is that they were the worst-built, most unreliable, worst-supported tape loaders I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. When your tape library won't detect tape changes, and Overland's own technical support tell you that's normal and that you should reboot server and library every time you change tapes, you know something's up. (That was a fault, by the way, and after we finally convinced Overland it was a fault, they gave us a replacement unit which would happily identify changed tapes, and then simply mark them all as unreadable.)

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