back to article Motorola welcomes Google slurp with open arms

Motorola shareholders have voted overwhelmingly to accept Google’s $12.5bn bid to buy the company’s mobile phone arm, and any patents it may happen to have lying around. Over 99 per cent of shareholders who voted approved of the deal, representing nearly three-quarters of the total shares. Google had hoped to see the purchase …


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So motorola did make money for its shareholders, eh ?

What was everyone cribbing about then ?


This is a good deal.

An will hardly cost Google a cent once everything is taken in to consideration, take credit, money reserves, and divisions it will most likely dispose of in the long either to get regulators approval or because it not in Google interest to maintain them.

AN it good deal for Moto shareholders in the short term but that all they care about.

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The next step?

MS will have to get Google to pay their 'royalties'. IF they don't then the companies like HTC, Samsung etc won't like it.

If will be interesting to see what effect Google has on the B&N vs MS case. They've been subpoena'd to appear for B&N.

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