back to article Reg readers say: Having the right info is key to productivity

Ensuring that people have the information they need when they need it is the single most important element when it comes to productivity in the workplace. At least, that’s what you guys told us when we conducted a survey on end user productivity earlier this year. However, your answers to our questions also made it amply clear …


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They don't do it because they don't know why they should

I suspect the reason why companies like the one I work for (and who's social media policy forbids me from naming) don't do MI/BI is they don't have the depth of experience in their business to know why they should.

Well, that and the fact that it might be used by the board to sack them for being useless t***s.

Why bring your master a stick they could hit you with?

Anonymous Coward

Having worked in FS for many years I can tell you the problem quite easily.

Managers' interests and departments' interests rarely coincide with the interests of the organisation as a whole.

A manager who is given a task and achieves it with the minimum of fuss, using the least resources just plods along from year to year going nowhere (not me, I was a techie and architect.)

A manager who is fundamentally bad at his or her job and constantly makes a fuss and demands more and more resources to finish the job and more and more time in meeting with senior management to discuss the way forward, not only increases his or her profile, but also the size of his or her empire.

More efficient usage of information would require less underlings and less fuss. Therefore the efforts would go largely unnoticed.

Many incompetant managers and departments can get on in this way quite unintentionally. Slightly more canny managers can deliberately engineer it to be so.

Problem solved. Where's my fee ? :)

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