back to article Ice Cream Sandwich phone a no-show on Vodafone

Vodafone has been disappointing punters today by failing to release the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as hoped Officially on sale for the first time today, and released by O2, Phones4u - with a Vodafone Sim even - and the Carphone Warehouse, the 4.7in, dual-core Galaxy Nexus has, however, been a no-show over at Vodafone. The cellco …


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  1. Joe 48

    Or put another way

    Vodafone are trying to figure out how to fill a very good OS with there branded bloatware crap.

    1. Chris007

      what Joe 48 said

      ""We're continuing to test the Galaxy Nexus software to ensure our customers get the best possible experience of the device," Vodafone Community Manager Tom wrote on the firm's forum this morning."

      see title

    2. ElNumbre

      That was entirely my reaction too.

  2. Piro

    "Best possible experience"

    In real terms, means "What carrier specific shite can we get on here?".

  3. johnnytruant

    odd thing

    Every unbranded handset I've had on VF has worked fine.

    Every branded one I've had has been ridden with problems, including buggy software and bloaty crapware.

    Perhaps I've just been unlucky.

  4. The Taft Hotel


    I think you will find that it is more to do with them not having any stock!!

    1. technohead95

      It is not about stock

      As the article says "We're continuing to test the Galaxy Nexus software to ensure our customers get the best possible experience of the device" why would Vodafone need to carry out their own testing unless they've carried out Vodafone bloatware modifications. All carriers need to understand that anything they add is just crap that the vast majority don't want.

  5. Sam Crawley

    Network problems..

    ..on Vodafone? That doesn't sound familiar at all! Maybe it's not the new handset, maybe it's their creaking shoddy network, have they considered this? Don't try to test data on the handset between 4pm and 7pm around King's Cross, you might get connectivity, but there will be ZERO THROUGHPUT!

    And lol at all the comments above, why oh why do Vodafone feel the need to frig about with the stock build - anyone who has a modicum of techie in them will just then have to go to the hassle of reverting anyway - who wants to wait a year for each Google update rollup just so Vodafone can "evaluate" it - can they demonstrate one single time ever when this has been beneficial for customers?

  6. Brian 6

    Android Razor

    And all u twats were complaining about the Razor not coming with ICS.

  7. LarsG


    I had an orange HTC which was full of USELESS crapware, took ages to get updates if ever.

    I bought my own phone rather than put up with that crap, and guess what A BETTER USER EXPERIENCE!

  8. Santonia


    I'm sure the cutting-edge mobile software design team at Vodafone will be able to improve on the shonky, half-built, crash-prone nonsense that Google came up with for ICS...

  9. mcav

    Tom's update

    Interestingly - there has been an update to their first post. Here it is

    "Further to our previous message, this testing is not due to the addition of Vodafone content to the device. Galaxy Nexus is a Google experience device and contains no Vodafone branding."

    Now, while that is not a clear indication of no bloatware it does beg the question. If you're not fannying about with the FW, what exactly are you testing?

    The phone is working right now on Vodafone. End users are "testing" it right now.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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