back to article Rambus tumbles in antitrust reversal

Rambus, the litigious memory tech firm, has taken a beating in the stock markets after losing a key case against Micron over price fixing and conspiracy charges. Rambus had accused Micron and Hynix Semiconductor of fixing the memory market to keep Rambus technology priced out, and it was demanding nearly $4bn in direct damages …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    While Rambus is a patent troll who is completely unscupulous IMO, Micron and Hynix aren't exactly the best corporate citizens either for their alleged price fixing. Several of the RAM suppliers have been caught doing this before and all consumers lose when these unscrupulous companys defraud consumers.

    1. Richard Wharram
      Thumb Up

      It's not about price-fixing per-se

      It's claiming that memory makers conspired to fix RDRAM prices over DDR RAM prices in order to kill the technology and stop Rambus getting the squillions it obviously deserves (if I remember correctly).

      The fact that RDRAM was shit obviously had no bearing on the issue. RDRAM should have taken over because Rambus and Intel agreed it between themselves and it's jolly unfair of other industry players and consumers to get in the way.

    2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      > Several of the RAM suppliers have been caught doing this before and all consumers lose when these unscrupulous companys defraud consumers.

      Defraud? Where??

      1) No-one forces you to buy DRAM.

      2) You can actually get DRAM as in "There is actually someone who produces that stuff"

      3) Higher prices than what?

      4) Also, why not be happy to pay for the next generation of DRAM.

      Where's the problem exactly?

  2. Hud Dunlap

    How many documents?

    18000 pounds of documents? WTF?

    1. ben_myers

      Printed on???

      Maybe printed on the shirt cardboards one gets with shirts laundered and folded.

      I am so weepy over the Rambus loss.

    2. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      WTF it continued in the first place

      The case should have been closed, won by Micron by default and Rambus found in contempt of court there and then.

    3. James O'Brien

      Well then

      Seems someone was looking to hide some potentially lawsuit breaking evidence. Or it could have just been random house cleaning by Rambus to get rid of some patents they didnt need anymore....

      But seriously how much paper exactly? I wonder just how many shredders where used for that one.

    4. Fuzz

      That's around 1.8 million sheets of paper.

      1. Ian Stephenson Silver badge

        1.3 million at 100gsm A4 rising to 1.6 million @80gsm A4. Anything below 80 and most office printers start shredding it during the print, over 100 and you're probably looking at press releases or annual reports.

        No idea how weird septic sizes like letter and liegal will affect this.

    5. Ken Hagan Gold badge

      8 tons of documents

      Probably just one day's output from their legal department.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    You know, if they spent as much money on R&D as they do on law suites then perhaps they might make something that may earn them a few bob or two.

    come to think about it, i cant even remember the last time RIMMs were developed, what was it, 2000, maybe 2003?

    Seems like a stupid business model if you ask me, losing Intel must have been a real kick in the teath!

  4. Trollslayer Silver badge

    About time!

    Rambus are the ones who sneaked patents into industry standards and then sued everyone in sight.

    May they rot in Hell.

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Lost 60% of their stock value ?

    I hope they never get it back.

    I hope all the companies that they intimidated/swindled out of "licenses" will start hammering at their door to get it back.

    Bring back corporal punishment - I want to see the Rambus CEO take twenty lashes.

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