back to article Xio Storage CEO on his 290-mile commute

I am stunned. Xio's new CEO has said he'll spend at least half his time at Xio's headquarters. Is he for real? We're told that this is better than previous CEO Alan Atkinson's turnout; he didn't have a Colorado base despite moving Xio to Colorado Springs. The new boss, John Beletic, has homes in Dallas, Texas, and Telluride, …


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Anonymous Coward

I know storage is by-and-large a deeply humdrum subject ...

but this is quite simply the oddest, most irrelevant and trumped-up non-story I have read on these pages.

In short, who cares? Presumably only the company's employees, shareholders and customers. Did you ask any of them want they think?


I worked in lots of companies with remote CEO's

Quadrics - Bristol based, CEO in Pisa

SuperH - Bristol based, CEO in California

ARC - Watford based, CEO in California

Turned out badly for all of them, maybe there's a pattern, hope it wasn't my efforts.

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