back to article Sony to target Sky, Virgin with net telly channel

Sony is exploring how to expand its existing IPTV efforts into a fully-fledged service to compete with cable and satellite TV. The Japanese firm has approached various media companies about gaining the rights to stream Sony's TV channels, as well as other already-established ones, over the web in the US, According to people " …


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Anonymous Coward

If its anything like the speed of PSN it will be awful

I have a 50mb connection, and i get 50mb from it, except from the playstation network. Xbox live can download demos and games at just under 300MB a minute when its the only connected device, my pc downloads at the same speeds from itunes, Sadly the playstation crawls along even when it has all the bandwidth of my connection to play with.

I personally cant wait to see sonys take the buffering screen.


Stringer should probably have a beer or two with the guys at Logitech before saying such things out loud. And it's not as if Apple TV is changing the way we watch telly, it's barely even a niché product itself.

If their TV and Playstation business is losing money, maybe they should just try making better tellies and stop pissing money away trying to resuscitate dead & dying platforms.


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