back to article SingTel launches e-reader

Singapore Telecommunications has launched Singapore’s first e-book service, branded skoob. The platform is aimed at servicing the local publishing market which SingTel claims has been overlooked by international e-book services. The skoob service is available on Apple and Android tablets and smartphones via a free app. It can …


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During the meanwhile ...

I can go to the local library[1] and checkout damn near anything[2] readable for free. Inter-library loan might take a day or so, but that's hardly an issue, even for periodicals.

What? You want it NOW? You must be part of TheNintendoGeneration[tm] ... If you think ahead[3] a little, you can easily keep yourself in reading material with little or no effort.

[1] Even the Sonoma Valley Library's temporary digs on Spain Street.

[2] True, as a University lecturer I have access to stacks that most people don't via ILL ... but then most people don't even know those documents exist.

[3] I know, "thinking ahead" is hard. I feel so sorry for you.

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