back to article Phone hacking victims' QC hit by trojan infection

The opening day of a judicial inquiry into phone hacking and other privacy-invading skullduggery by the British media was briefly interrupted on Monday - by a suspected Trojan horse infection. David Sherborne, a QC representing phone hacking victims during the Leveson Inquiry into press standards, was called back to his …


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Anonymous Coward

What's with all the "Select Committees" all of a sudden?

Isn't that what Courts are for?


Occupational Hazard?

If you're handling a large volume of electronic materials and evidence supplied by people who have been infected by, or attempted to install malware... I guess you risk infecting your own computers too.

It does illustrate the issues caused by this type of crime, and highlights the routine failure of corrupt & incompetent policemen, CPS prosecutors, and the judiary to act.

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