back to article Is iiNet about to spend a bob on TransACT?

Talk of a sale of Canberra-based ISP and pay TV company TransACT is back on the agenda, with reports that iiNet is a front-runner to buy the carrier. Speculation that TransACT is for sale has popped up on a fairly regular basis as far back as 2004, and in 2009, but this time, the Australian Financial Review is reporting “final …


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I moved from TPG to TransAct because TPG service was so bad... now they might buy iiNet who might buy TransAct?

Crap. Who will I move to next?

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Re: Noooo!

Try Internode?

Unless the problem you had with TPG was in the phone line and not TPG's infrastructure, in which case even that won't save you.

That said if iiNet buys TransACT maybe they'll become competitive as a carrier. They'll also have the backing of a decent national ISP after all TransACT's lies about opening up their network to the major ISPs. That might be a good outcome for Canberra.


Internode is all well and good unless you need access into Asia. They have been essentially cut off from Mainland China for months now. Try loading any Chinese website during peak hours... you won't have much luck. I churned months ago because of the problem, but others say it is still ongoing.

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TPG buying iiNet would instantly destroy all the customer goodwill iiNet has spent decades building.


Not happening...

Michael Malone *will not* give up control of iiNet. Period.

He's released extra shares for a merger partner, with the intended side-effect of diluting Amnet's 23% shares to below 17% over time.

He's like Steve Jobs, except he's still got his humanity.

Tux, because iiNet runs mostly on linux infrastructure.

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