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What does the modern chief information security officer (Ciso) look like? The role used to be little more than acting as a glorified sysadmin but things have changed. These days, Cisos must be all-rounders, concentrating not just on technology but on business too. “In recent years, the role of the Ciso has become more …


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Here you go...

Oh sorry. He is a CIO, Chief Information Officer, or perhaps a CLIO, Chief Lack of Information Officer.

In respect of Security/Privacy catch Marc, I am guessing it is him, on,

During Dr Richard Clayton's presentations where amongst other interjections he manages to come up with the classic...

'So What?'


re: Here you go...

Give over, these kind of non-real-world articles are always interesting. Of course are aimed at the technically illiterate CIO so as they can pretend (to themselves) that they actually know anything. Of course the best solution to the information security problem is for the CEO to not hire on his technically illiterate old college buddy as CIO and then for that CIO to continually replace his technical staff so as no one will find him out. (Do you recognise yourself yet)

Anonymous Coward

It's industry-dependent but.....

......if you don't support the business in doing "it" (with compensating controls) then be prepared for the business to do "it" anyway.

One big challenge is that too many users know just the right amount to move around any technical solution and shift the problem to an area that you don't or can't manage. Block USB ports? They email their documents to themselves - the mutual goal is to "do some work at home".

In the end, education is key. Turn your liability into your friend and harness the power of everyone in your organisation thinking.

No is no longer the answer; use governance and compliance to hit up the risks that need to be managed.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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