back to article What happens when users are left to their own devices?

It's clear that there are fundamental changes happening in the way people, and businesses, want to work. The relentless pace of technology developments has given us ever better and more connected notebooks, and now smartphones and tablets. This means we can work wherever and whenever it suits. That's all well and good, but …


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Is that a rhetorical question?

"What happens when users are left to their own devices?" Hmm, let me see.

Virus / malware infections.

Lost data, and no backups.

Open wireless connections.

Users with 30 search toolbars

Everyone logging on with the same username (and password = 'Password1')

Printing all in Hig Def colour (using branded ink jet) so that the spreadsheet looks 'nice'

Marketing decide what software you should use, based upon how funky the presentations are.

Separate folders on the server (for pr0n), everyone else uses the same folder for everything

300Gb mailbox folders (290 Gb of picture attachments of Girls night out, holiday snaps, grandchildren, cars, latest DIY projects)

Different versions of files in different locations

Or am I just being cynical?

Anonymous Coward

@Hmm, let me see.

that's the way it is here...

Silver badge

Yep - pretty much sums it up. In my past I've run into many so called "Technical" Directors (in IT industries) who manage to knacker their systems in almost exactly that way within days of getting a fresh, clean, working and fast system. It's usually the management and executives that are the worst at it.


one more

custom cursors !

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