back to article Mineral oil, GPUs and thousands of cores

The hardware configurations for the 2011 SC Student Cluster Competition in Seattle have been released, and there are quite a few surprises. First, the most surprising surprise: the University of Texas Longhorn team has brought the first liquid cooled system to the big dance. They’ve teamed up with Green Revolution to put …


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Open source must have reminded Team Russia too much of communism, so they got their friendly neighbourhood software vendor to spare them the $925 license fee.

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Mineral cooling

I'm sure I read somewhere that there are problems with completely immersing boards for cooling purposes - I think because you get localised micro-hotspots where the oil cannot flow out of easily because of its viscosity and it overheats. Air cooling isn't a problem in this case - it can get in and out of small space easily.

Could be wrong. Good luck to them anyway.

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