back to article Nokia Siemens vs Vodafone Oz: the legal games begin

Nokia Siemens Networks is taking legal action against customer Vodafone Australia following a tussle over compensation issues regarding network performance. The "Vodafail" network woes that have dogged Vodafone Australia and its disgruntled customers appear to have been passed on to network supplier Nokia Siemens Networks in a …


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But who are the Real Crooks in this story?

Ah – Australia! The sporting nation where a backhander isn't merely a tennis shot.

As one user on the Vodafail site complained recently: "how is this company [Vodafone] allowed by the government to operate under a telecoms licence?"

But as with many consumer-rights clusterfucks, she poses an interesting question that the media doesn't seem to be asking.

And talking of things unsaid. All the retailers (and here I'm including everyone from the college mobile phone kiosk right up to the Apple Store selling you a Vodafone SIM with your shiny new iToy) do a three-monkeys routine with regard to the scale of the Vodafone network's unreliability.

In other words, they sell you product in the full knowledge that it's only going to connect to the network some of the time (and that could be less than 20%, going by my own Vodafone experience).

A mate of mine just signed a year+ contract with Vodafone, oblivious to the stampede of customers heading in the other direction.

Bloody shame the class action seems to have fallen on its arse. Legal aid, anyone?

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