back to article Huawei buys Symantec JV stake for $530m

Huawei is buying Symantec's 49 per cent share in their joint venture for $530m. The two companies teamed up in 2008 to sell security and storage technologies but it has become common knowledge in recent months that their Hong-Kong headquarted JV was to be dissolved or bought by one or the other partner. Symantec wanted to …


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Yes, what happenet to us

"Huawei plays a long, long game and is not subject to the short-term quarterly earnings pressures of western companies"

Anonymous Coward

What happened to us?

Megabonuses dependent on this year's (prefereably this quarter's) financial performance is what happened to a few of us in the West.

The rest in the West (the 99.9%) got (or will soon get) austerity

Democracy and the free market. Don'tcha luv it.

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