back to article ARM+GPU = dream super?

We've seen a lot of ARM server activity in recent weeks, with ARM chip upstart Calxeda announcing its 5-watt EnergyCore ARM chip (breakdown here) and a partnership with x86 giant HP (outlined here). Also the ARM architecture is getting a necessary but painfully slow 64-bit makeover, slated to roll out in 2014. ARM processors …


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Anonymous Coward

Not just data centres...

Educational institutions will be able to afford to churn out students educated to use this stuff. I see that as A Good Thing


What I want to know..

Is why now that we have this incredibly fast bus on all machines why we aren't using it to get the best of both worlds? With HT you could put an ARM CPU+GPU for the low intensity stuff ARM is good at and power down the X86 to its lowest levels when not needed and fire it up when the load gets above a certain threshold. this would give you much of the power sipping of ARM and the number crunching power of X86 all in a single package! Why isn't anyone jumping on this?

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