back to article AMD shoots lower with Opteron 3000 server chips

Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices said during a restructuring announced two weeks ago that it was going to take low-power servers seriously again. And as part of the Opteron 6200 and 4200 processor launches this morning at an event in Beijing, and at the SC11 supercomputing conference in Seattle, Washington, AMD has tweaked its …


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AMD Neo has ECC scrubbing by the way

Neo has ECC scrubbing funnily enough. I could never understand why AMD undermarkets it. It can run circles around Atom without even breaking a sweat (or to be more exact lifting off its measly base 800MHz in QnQ mode).

It is not even Bobcat core, it is Athlon 64 if memory serves me right :)

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ECC matters

I find it depressing that people don't insist on ECC even for low-end servers. For anything that's a repository of valuable data, it's really important that the data doesn't get corrupted in transit!

RAM doesn't often fail, and usually fails hard enough to be noticed quickly (before the back-ups have been recycled). Not always, though. LAst year I saw the results of a slightly flakey piece of non-ECC RAM on a busy filesystem, and it was not at all pretty.

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