back to article Feargal Sharkey moves on from UK music org

Feargal Sharkey is to step down as chief executive of UK Music, the umbrella trade organisation for music in the UK, after three years in the job. The organisation, previously known as British Music Rights, represents live music and musicians, publishing and record companies. Feargal Sharkey The former Undertone helped keep …


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Shame he's leaving

After all, a good heart is hard to find...


Don't let the door hit you on the way out Sharkey...

Running a small business, I get bombarded with letters about getting a licence to play music to my employees.. which I can't do, because of the nosie of industrial equipment.

Not only that, but the tone and language in the letters basically accuse me of copyright infringement, without these cretins even knowing if I have a radio on site or not. I'm sorry but I just don't take well to being insulted in a letter warning me of legal action, for something that they assume. If I did have a radio and a licence, then I would have removed it and cancelled the license on that basis alone.

Not only that, I supply a chain of retail shops, that have taken all the radios out of 200+ stores, because of massive BPI cost hikes last year.

And he had the f'n cheek to say music pirating was losing the BPI money.. pull your head out of your arse Sharkey.. your legalised, strong arm, over priced tactics are the reason you're losing money.

Good riddance. Maybe they can get someone that maximises their licence income, by not blaming pirates, and charging a fair rate.

Anonymous Coward

Wrong ones

... I think you'll find that the PRS are responsible for the letters, not Feargal's lot


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Thumb Up

A good chief exec is hard to find...

Certainly one in the music biz who doesn't come off as a Little Thief.

I guess It's All Over Now.

Sorry. Had to get it Out of My System.

Bon voyage, Mr. Sharkey.


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