back to article Sony: Pssst! Want access to the PlayStation on Android SDK?

Sony is seeking US and UK "content developers" who'd like to code for its PlayStation Suite - the framework that allows Android-based devices to run PlayStation-branded games. Sony Computer Entertainment today said is open to applications from companies keen to participate in a closed beta test of the Suite, due to go live …


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Given Sony's past behavior, this "framework" will

1) Install a rootkit on my phone

2) disable my ability to access some feature of my phone, because of Sony's concern that it *might* be used for piracy.

3) stop working at some point in the future because Sony decided to take their ball and go home.

4) be hacked, exposing my email, phone number, and GPS location to the dark underbelly of the Internet.

5) Add a US$20/month charge to my phone bill, which I cannot dispute nor stop.

Nope. Sorry Sony. Never again. Burn in hell.

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