back to article AMD revs up server channel for Opteron 6200 push

Chipmaker AMD is getting ready to launch its "Interlagos" line of server processors, which are expected to be called the Opteron 6200s. AMD won't say when the launch is, but it is saying that its server channel is primed and pumped to get peddling. These 16-core Interlagos beasts are really two eight-core chips that share the …


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Anonymous Coward

The last sentence sums up the AMD situation precisely

Global Foundry needs to sort their act out fast as they are killing AMD in every market segment be it laptop, desktop or server.


Hold on there Cowboy.

AMD's marketshare may have declined from their hayday during the time between the launch of the Athon64, the victorious anti-compatitive lawsuit angaist Inteland Intel's Core acritechture when they even outsold Intel chips for a quarter (and a Q4 at that). They still enjoy a far better market share than they had prevoiusly.

Remeber before the AMD64 Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, Fuji and others never used AMD chips in their machines. Now they all do and when you stroll through any retail computer aslie you see AMD systems almost as much as Intel. If you include graphics chips in this they may even get close to parity. They've faired even better in the server market.

AMD does need to shake thing up agian IMHO.


I think a few cheap fixes could put them back on track.

Some no and small cost ways I think AMD could immediately disrupt and take the market.

1. Unlock clocks and multipliers on all chips, evrything should be a "Black Edition"

2. Elliminate the one pin difference between consumer chips and Opterons all are technically the same and can go in N-way servers. This would kill Intel to follow.

3. Open source your drivers and OpenCL API, sceincey types love Linux/Open Source and dictate the big cluster market. Intel's not even in the GPU compute feild and this would prevent applications from being written in Nvidia's Cg. These Massively parallel apps have lifespans of decades.

4. IBM has put 4 chips on a single package using the same Hypertransport technology as AMD. 32 cores per socket is a win in the server market where it is said the battle is won and lost in 2 sockets.

5. Push the APU's hard into consumer goods, their power/performance ratio is great when you consider their multimedia ability.

l like the author's ideas of graphics chips on G34 packages as well as APU's I also think mixing them on package and even off chip L4 caches should be considered.

(Written by Reg staff)

Re: I think a few cheap fixes could put them back on track.

I could not agree more.

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