back to article University of NSW to open patent pool

The University of New South Wales has decided to open a significant chunk of its patent pool to outsiders for free, in a strategy called Easy Access IP. The strategy is being implemented and overseen through NSi, the university’s commercialization operation, under the hand of CEO Dr Kevin Cullen, who joined NSi in May and has …


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  1. alan buxey


    >As a result, such patents would typically need someone with a money truck handy to create commercial products

    hmmm... not unlike all those patents that patent trolls sit on waiting for someone to actually

    invest money and actually MAKE something. eg Intellectual Ventures who The Reg have mentioned a few times recently...dont actually make anything..they just sit on patents and get cash in from companies.

    this Easy Access IP is the decent way of doing things

  2. slinky

    aluminus ? You aluminum seem to have got in the way of your alumnus.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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