back to article Patch Tuesday leaves Duqu 0-day for another day

November marked a light Patch Tuesday with just four bulletins, only one of which tackles a critical flaw. All four advisories relate to problems in Windows. None is related to the zero-day vulnerability related to Duqu, the highly sophisticated worm reckoned to be related to the infamous Stuxnet pathogen. The flaw exploited …


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Anonymous Coward

Hope it fixes last months WU on XP causing BSoD with nv4_disp.dll

Since last months WU, all my Windows XP boxes with built in Nvidia 6100 GPUs have had BSoD regularly.

Crash dump says nv4_disp.dll to blame - I am running Nvidia GeForce latest version.

Anyone else experienced/fixed?


A claim, yet to be proved

Cite: " ...Neither the Active Directory bug nor the TCP/IP stack flaw have been weaponised into exploits ..."

Would you please prove this claim?

Will you make us believe indeed, that you know everything worked upon out there?

HA wonders.....

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