back to article No Sim-free Nokia Lumia 800s until 2012

Punters eagerly anticipating Nokia's new Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 handset but hoping to nab a Sim-free unit are set to be disappointed. While the smartphone is expected to launch on 16 November, as promised, it will only be available on contract, it has been claimed. Anyone after a Lumia that isn't tied to a network will …


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People BUYING Windows Phone 7?

That would surprise me. As it's crap, and I can's see anyone spending money to get one.

I can perhaps someone putting up with one if they got it free with their contract, but buying one? No chance...


When will people learn that "free" with a contract isn't free. You're just buying it on credit over the 12,18, 24 months etc.

Overall cost all depends how much you normally would use a phone. If you make calls minimally, only receive and use mostly data on WLAN, then a 24 month contract can cost you over £600 to buy a £400 phone! SIM free is the option. Or PAYG. They're doing this on 02 for £399 PAYG. Keep or bin the SIM.

And have you actually tried WP7?

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