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Lookout Mobile Security is going international with localised versions of its mobile security software and a partnership to pre-embed its technology in Android phones supplied by Telstra Australia, its first mobile telco partner outside the US. The mobile security specialist already claims more than 12 million users across 170 …


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Their "Locate" and "Scream" functions no longer work

I've been using this app for about 7 months. It's hard to say if it has protected me as it has never found an infected file but gives me a warm feeling of security ... until now. Every couple of months I do a "locate" check and it has always found my phone, but no longer - it's just stopped working.

Perhaps it's time to jump ship



"Each telco pre-embeds free versions of Lookout's security software on Android smartphones they supply in return for a share of the income if and when these users convert to using a premium (paid-for) version of the software."

If they're not careful, we'll end up with a situation like on the PC, where you get a useless bloatware antivirus product pre-installed. Except this time you can't remove it as it's built into the ROM. Thank-you, Lookout.

I used it when it first came out (mainly for its location ability; I'm a bit dubious as to the merits of its malware detection, when I reckon Google probably act roughly as quickly to remove apps from the Market as Lookout can push a signature update) but they built on more and more features. Just like the PC antivirus industry, pretty soon you get a product that tries to do everything and does none of it well.

For Android device-tracking needs, I recommend AndroidLost. Free, no subscription, and very very powerful.


About done

Lookout has turned to crap recently. I'll likely uninstall it when I get home today.

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