back to article Defiant Aussies continue to sell contraband Samsung slab

An Australian retailer is defying Apple and the courts by continuing to sell Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Aussies, despite the temporary injunction. dMAVO said it has created a separate entity in Europe and is shipping the fondleslabs from Asia in order to sidestep the Australian ban, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. " …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "However, to pursue the issue, Apple would have to take the defiant dealers to court"

    I'm guessing they wouldn't, even if they do win the full hearing. Taking the piss out of Samsung is one thing, but no danger Aussie public opinion will put up with them bullying homegrown businesses.

    That's not to say Apple would then be completely without options. Sneaky anti-competitive bastards never are.

  2. Trixr

    grammar check

    It's FLOUTING the ban, not "flaunting" it. Although maybe they are trying to show off their fondleslab assets.

  3. Horridbloke

    @grammar check

    That wasn't a grammatical error, it was one of vocabulary.

  4. Martin Usher

    If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em

    Well, its nothing like an iPad. Its a bit thicker, it has a different form factor and it works a whole lot better. I'd guess that's why Apple's trying the legal route to kill it,

    My wife bought one a few days ago because she wanted a smart phone like thing but not those clunky barphones that everyone's doing their social media on. The iPad didn't figure because its too damn expensive -- it costs more than her Lenovo IdeaStation all-in-one. (Another nice system, BTW.)

    I'm torn between getting one myself and getting a new battery for my Motion 1400 and combine it with a pocket hot spot. The Motion is a 12" slab that's about 7 years old that runs XP for Tablets. Its a bit klunky but I think I ought to keep it around just to show the fanbois that tablets, gestures and voice activation aren't something that Saint Jobs created from thin air but rather are ideas that have been around for ever waiting for the right combination of technology and marketing.

  5. Dazed and Confused Silver badge

    Banning records was always the fastest route to the No1 spot

    why shouldn't it work for fondle slabs too.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Banning Records...

    I have to admit, the words "Streisand Effect" keep coming to mind. Do you think maybe Apple have bought a lot of shares in Samsung and HTC recently?

  7. Dick Emery
    Paris Hilton

    Streisand effect

    Looks like Apple have not heard of the Streisand effect. Still. Any delay they can put on their competitors means less punters choosing tablet x over their offering...or so they believe.

  8. DMNeal


    "dMAVO isn't the only online retailer flaunting the ban on the tablets" . No, they're flouting the ban on the tablets.

    Actually they're flaunting their flouting of the ban on the tablets.

    Well, since they're "testing" the new process they presumably haven't actually sold anything yet.

    So they're flaunting their floating of their flouting of the ban.

    - Donald Neal

  9. relpy

    And what's more

    They're telling Apple to suck on it.

    So Apple are fellating their flaunting of their floating of their flouting of the ban.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Samsung Fondleslab

    As an Apple user, I also have a Samsung 10.1 Fondleslab. It's easy to see why Apple are worried. Just the fact I can copy stuff onto it without the abomination that is iTunes brings it out on top.

    It's a work tool. I need to use it for whatever my work demands, not whatever Apple allows. While I'm happy to have a locked down phone, a tablet computer should be free to let me do whatever I want to do.

    The downside is the amount of apps available is fairly poor compared to the iSlab, but hopefully that will change. Google also need to separate the phone apps from the slab apps because most of the phone apps seem to work badly on the larger screens, and some barely work at all. I downloaded one app yesterday that crashed every time I changed the screen orientation. Ho hum.

  11. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    A pleasant change

    Just about every story on El Reg about Oz in the last few years has been another clueless politician trying to be the next Mao Tse Tung. Nice to hear from some real Australians again.

  12. This post has been deleted by its author

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Wouldn't be surprised Samsung is "encouraging" ( read : bankrolling ) the whole song and dance. In the interest of public honesty maybe someone should check.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    @ Metafanboy

    <quote>Wouldn't be surprised Samsung is "encouraging" ( read : bankrolling ) the whole song and dance.</quote>

    Yeah, because who in their right mind would even consider buying a non-Apple product. Right?

  15. chr0m4t1c


    That wouldn't really make much sense, it would be far easier to do that in Europe where there are laws supporting free trade between countries.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Interesting bloke...

    this Mr Czarnocki. Apparently he ran a software piracy business in the late 90s until he was caught , after the BSA literally posted a wanted poster with his photo.

    Then somehow he escaped the fine and community service he was sentenced to.

    Seems such a nice gentleman.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I guess

    he has finally decided to pay his debt to society then. :-P

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC 01:35GMT - Obviously

    because all other honest businessmen would have already been bought/intimidated by Apple. Sometimes it takes real balls and this chap proves he has them.

  19. Mark 65 Silver badge

    Er, have you seen the prices he's charging? $720 for the 16GB 3G + WiFi which is the entry-level 10.1" Samsung on his site. If you don't want 3G then you're getting the 8.9" for $599.50 vs the entry-level iPad at $554 (JB hi-fi). What's the point?

  20. g e

    Sound like the ideal person

    To go vs apple

  21. hjb

    Conflict of Interests?

    Google 'Wentworth 5', the barrister firm reprenting Apple in Annabelle Bennett court in Austraila which gave Apple the injunction. Click the first result that leads to Wentworth 5 website, and click 'People'. Among the first 6 senior council members, you could see Stephen Burley SC and David Bennett AC QC

    Stephen Burley SC was the barrister representing Apple in the Annabelle Bennett's court. See, bellow link.

    David Bennett AC QC is the husband of Australia Federal judge Annabelle Bennett. See bellow link.

    Ie, The husband of the Australia Judge Annabelle Bennett is one of the senior council member of a firm (Wentworth 5) who was representing Apple in Annabelle Bennett court? It smells alot!!!

  22. g e

    They gave the Judge a free iFad2

    He agreed to bias in favour of Apple. When handed the device he apparently said


  23. Winkypop Silver badge

    Apple 0

    Samsung 10.1

  24. MacGyver

    Who will keep the Aussies safe from Samsung? Won't anyone help them?

    Think of all the people buying Galaxy Tablets that think they are buying an iPad, only to get it home and find out they are not in a restricted walled-garden.

    How are they ever going to deal with having choices?

    I mean look how similar the names are "Samsung Galaxy Tablet vs. Apple iPad), customers are going to look at those names and see the two letters that those names share (the "A" and the "L"), and buy the wrong device, right? How dare Google name it Android? Is it andrOId or IOS, dyslexics will certainly be affected the most by their bait-and-switch tactics.

    When I go shopping for a rectangle with rounded corners, there is only one thing I'm thinking of, and that's a clipboard, er I mean Apple iPad, right?

    Apple should get in the habit of putting that logo of theirs somewhere on their devices, that way people aren't confused as to which device they are buying.

    /end of sarcasm (actually, that might be the most sarcasm I've ever spewed)

  25. g e
    Thumb Up

    @Dick Emery, Barbra Streisand

    I was thinking that but, this is slightly different as it's not so much drawing attention to that which you want hidden which is the Streisand Effect as I understand it.

    I move to coin the term 'The Apple Effect' whereby you damage your own prospects by setting out to damage those of others, a subtle difference and an irony I'm very happy to see beginning to take effect in a truly karmic manner.

  26. dMavo


    Hi everyone,

    The current injunction only applies to Samsung Australia and NOBODY else. Apple's threats and antics against all 3rd parties, ourselves included, in an attempt to stop the sales of those tablets, had not been well received especially as Apple's demands have no legal basis.

    The above is especially true where Apple had demanded to obtain private data about consumers who had bought the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet from us, which would be a clear breach of the Privacy Act should we comply.

    November 25 is when Samsung Australia is appealing the injunction so it will be very interesting to see what happens on that day and beyond.

    At this stage, we have no intention to bow to Apple's intimidation tactics as they have no right to make the demands they had made.

    Read the current Court Orders here:

    We'd like everyone to be a bit more informed about the current situation in OZ and hence we have taken to comment on a number of articles around the globe.

    Stay tuned!



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