back to article Telstra targets SMEs in next cloud push

While some providers are looking to free trials to get businesses, particularly small ones, to try out the cloud, there’s no such pussyfooting around from Telstra: it’s launched a small business cloud service that ranges upwards from $AU200 per month. The Telstra cloud entry level pricing will get you two CPUs, 4 GB of RAM, …


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They're stingy with the bandwidth: A$1/GB in and out on the pay-as-you-go plan, compared to US$0.12/GB with Amazon Web Services. Guess there'll be no Netflix style streaming services coming to Australia any time soon.

P.S. How's that NBN coming along? Silly me, thinking that a national government controlled network will drive down the price of wholesale bandwidth.

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multiple private ripoffs work ?

odd opinion, since sell off of gov assests prices rocketed. Nothing like duplicating physical infrastructure for 3 companies to increase costs. Factor in the multiple layers of clerks in suits who need bonuses to stop technical staff doing anything. Bingo, the current mess if one does not live in some inner suburbs. NBN is an attempt (a bad one, agreed) to re-invent what should have happened to Telstra.


what are you faffing about

the NBN is coming along as scheduled, ah but of course just having announcements, conceptual and trial networks should drive the price down IMEEDIATELY (spelling mistake to highlight how you'd pronounce it) and everyone should be getting faster cheaper internet, right?

since your logic seems to preclude the idea of having infrastructure to drive the price down. Instead just magical pixie dust and the open market should drive it down, right? The open market of which seems to be a flawed mechanism in the case of govt built and sold off infrastructure as the idea of a level playing field. Maybe if everyone was paying the same price to access said infrastructure, oh wait this is what the NBN promises to be.

But hey lets assume the costs of our current infrastructure, owned by a company driven by greed (as is any share holder company) will decrease the moment they realise their monopoly has a finite life. If yo uask me it'd be exactly when they start to ramp up prices to eek the last drops of profit out of infrastructure that'll be decommissioned in the next ten years.

Sure I don't agree with government bureaucracy but for critical infrastructure I don't really see how giving it to a company constrained by shareholders would be a good at all. If only a government-lite edition could exist for all these things, mm wishlist...




NBN - "Nationalisation" of the wholesale telecommunications industry. Why? Cause the Pollies threw a fit when Telsra told them who controlled telecommunications in Australia, It wasn't them.

Blame the Libs? They simply sold off what Labor had structured for sale back in Beazly's day.

A government organisation dedicated to screwing its workforce, told to act as a private business and given monopoly control over the local loop. Things went to hell. Then they were sold off.

Competition in Australia? Only after Telstra has taken its protection off the top, and won't be until the NBN gets established.

Then the NBN will be the new monopoly, told to get ready for privatisation. GOTO BEGIN_RANT

$35900000000.00 estimated build cost. If you could stack $1 coins in a single column and put a satellite on top you could either stick three geostationary satellites up or something a quarter of the way to the moon.

Stephen Conroy has already signed a quarter of that to go to Telstra. How dare they tell him where to go! Good on ya Steve! You show 'em!


For $2400 at education pricing, I could get:

Acer 350 F1 (yeah I know, I hate Acer as well)



Dual Quad core Xeons E5606

Dual 500GB Drives

For three years worth I could get the same server but with

Dual Xeon X5650 (6 Core)


8 Port Raid controller

Dual 600GB 15K SAS Drives

These prices are just crazy!

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