back to article Olympic Torch to visit Bletchley Park

The Olympic Torch will be making a stop at Bletchley Park on its way to London next year, it was announced yesterday. As part of the route, there will be a photo op at the WWII code-breaking centre, one of the special host locations. The Olympic Flame will start out in Greece and hit the UK on 18 May on its way to the London …


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FFS I hope they're awefully damn careful!

The huts are quite old and probably highly flamable.

I can see it now -- M'Lord of Co(r)e swaggering in as he does.

Torch comes in, in the pass it gets dropped and all the code breakers huts go up in flames. In a fit of stupidity the fire service sees an orange glow and sprays water on Colossus and it is also lost forever.

I can certainly suggest a few better places to "place the torch" M'Lord

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Bloody hell

They'd better run fast through Bletchley if they don't want to be dragged away by hordes of feral youth.

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