back to article Barclays knocks RIM shares down a peg

The shine has been taken off BlackBerry-maker RIM's shares after the firm's stock was downgraded by Barclays. The reassessment of the Canadian biz comes after a string of problems that more than halved its stock price in the last six months. The bank lowered the level of RIM's attractiveness to investors by one notch to equal …


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smells like going down

i have a feeling that unless rim will reinvent itself, they will go bankrupt. It's a pity, because for email they have a really good suite :(.

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What I don't understand...

... is how come everyone is saying RIM will go bankrupt. It has always been the favourite of the Enterprise because of it's third-party-certified security. It's recent consumer surge was just a fad. It's still got the enterprise market, and until independant testing proves that Iphone and other smart phones are just as secure, it is likely to remain the choice in enterprise.


What do Barclays know, oh yeah RIM banks with them - whoops

SInce when would you trust a bank's judgement on any company when they can't properly manage themselfs historicaly!

I know RIM have had a fair few epic's recently but on the scale of things it isn't that bad, lets see what they do qith QNX and then lambast them.

Also IIRC the UK division of RIM/blackberry banks or used to bank with barclays so I would have to question that they have used unfair inside information to get this statement out, which is against the law. Also if they did change banks then is it a case of sour grapes.

Bottom line, I'd say barclays are doing this to gain a unfair market advantage in that RIM's shares are already below the asset worth of the company and I smell fish over this whole affair.

Bad Barclays, bad bad bad Barclays

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RIM may bank with Barclays, but Barclays runs on Blackberrys. Still,when did bankers show any sense?

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Only themselves to blame

How hard was it for RIM to list their top 3 USP apps for the playbook and prioritise them?

Regardless of OS they should have been a priority.

Mismanagement pure and simple.

Fail RIM fail.

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