back to article China's web biz bosses crank up gossip crackdown

Chinese tech firms have agreed to add more bricks to the Great Firewall of China at the end of a summit hosted by the country's government. The chiefs of 40 or so companies, including search behemoth Baidu and Yahoo! suitor Alibaba, as well as Sina (owner of microblogging site Weibo) and IM service Tencent, agreed to " …


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Coming to the UK soon

BT being the cheapskates that they are have built a lot of their new backbone out of this cheap, Chinese government controlled company produced crap.

No no no, our code contain no backdoor they say.

I doubt very much whether every line of code was checked by BT (they are too lazy to do so) so in truth we won't know whether snooping code or a kill switch has been included until its too late, maybe web pages will start missing sensitive material and our gubberment will let it happen because we are in their pocket as we are in debt to them.

This is already happening, how elese do you explain Chinese State TV appearing on the Freeview and Freesat EPGs?

Big Brother

Using the summit as an excuse

the government's State Internet Information Office met with the chiefs of 40 or so companies to see what was available in the way of fees, bribes and kickbacks.

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