back to article BlackRock takes $NZ250m taste of Telecom NZ

New York investment giant BlackRock Inc has stepped into the New Zealand telecos market taking a five per cent stake in Telecom New Zealand. The $NZ250 million stake was revealed on Friday via a stock exchange filing and involved 96 million shares built up through 16 subsidiaries. BlackRock is now part of the top five largest …


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Anonymous Coward

Blackrock planning to take Phorm to the Kiwis?

I wonder if Blackrock are planning to be a sort of Phorm Wooden Horse of Troy and take Deep Packet Inspection snooping to a telco/ISP in New Zealand? They are committed financially up to their necks in Phorm and effectively own a lot of the company nowadays since the debacle of the current share "placement"/dilution.

Anyone know the details for contacting the NZ regulators?

Just to let them know what's coming?

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