back to article Ofcom proposes new rules on advertising deals

Ofcom said it was laying out the proposed new rules as required of it under the UK's Communications Act. Under the Act, Ofcom must set out a code of practice that sets standards on "the content of programmes to be included in television and radio services" that ensure that "there is no undue discrimination between advertisers …


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'upto' or 'downto'

I just hope ofcom sort out the telcos too, they should not be allowed to advertise 'upto' speeds that the majority can't get. Cabinet broadband should be advertised as 'down to 5 meg' and not the 'up to' 80meg that only people close to the cabinet can receive.


They need to stop the noise differential more than worry about discrimination.

The loudness of adverts to the programme you are watching is huge. You can be watching a program at a comfortable level and when the adverts come I fear for my cheap speakers safety. It is enough to wake the kids at times.

I don't mind different channels at different levels because you can adjust if you switch but on a channel everything should be output at the same level. None of this your allowed to be 10% louder (not sure on the exact figure) because that makes it easy for them to crank it up. And then just get a slap on the wrist when (not if) they crank it up louder than they are supposed to because they have received a backhander.

Yes, I use a PVR and fast forward through most adverts but you still get the initial noise when they start the adverts where you are not expecting.

/rant over


How flexible is your PVR/remote?

Why not arrange for the skip button to mute? I think I can arrange for MythTV to mute for a couple of seconds every time skip is hit so I won't even have to hit unmute after the break.

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