back to article China outraged by US cyberspying fingering

China is none too impressed with being fingered by the US as a major source of cyber espionage. The Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive (ONCIX) reported to Congress yesterday that both China and Russia were home to spies who hacked into US government and business networks to get access to its economic super- …


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  1. Miek

    "(ONCIX) reported to Congress yesterday that both China and Russia were home to spies who hacked into US government and business networks to get access to its economic super-secrets"

    Sadly, I think that most Countries contain hackers doing this, as we know from the McKinnon case. It is rather unfair to just wave the finger at China and Russia. Another point is that a great deal of "hacking" may be instigated by crime gangs rather than governments.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Blame China/Russia

      I think it's fair to assume that all the attacks coming from Chinese IP addresses are sponsored by the Russian secret service, and all the attacks coming from Russian IP addresses are sponsored by the Chinese secret service. Maybe.

  2. Evil Weevil

    The Chinese hacked the PC this report was created

    and publicly denounced it's findings before it was official unveiled

  3. Inachu

    FUnny how they do not mention the other one.

    Another major attacker is Moldovia.

    1. tmTM


      They can only accuse those whom they are able to locate on a map.

    2. Sweep


      Spelled Moldova, surely?

  4. LPF
    Thumb Down

    The chinese hacks all originate from chinese defense sites!!!

    1. IglooDude


      they were hacked!

  5. moiety

    Any country with an internet connection will be trying it.

  6. Adam13

    Nice helping of hypocrisy

    "Identifying the attackers without carrying out a comprehensive investigation and making inferences about the attackers is both unprofessional and irresponsible"

    The ONCIX report WAS based on a rather large investigation, perhaps he should read the report. Bit ironic that he provides no evidence to counter the claims.

  7. earl grey Silver badge

    it's simple, innit?

    Stop doing it, you won't get blamed.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    China is a Police State -

    "I hope the international community can abandon prejudice and work hard with China to maintain online security," Hong added.

    What this means is "Do what we say and you won't get into trouble."

    As China continues to grow more powerful, we can expect more and more such "kindly instruction".

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Outraged, really....

    58.218 CHINANET-JS CN 7598

    221.192 UNICOM-HE 1 CN 2734

    221.194 UNICOM-HE 1 CN 1657

    60.173 CHINANET-AH CN 1372

    61.147 CHINANET-JS CN 693

    221.1 UNICOM-SD 1 CN 452

    125.45 UNICOM-HA 1 CN 407

    222.186 CHINANET-JS CN 317

    61.160 CHINANET-JS CN 206

    218.10 UNICOM-HL 1 CN 164

    109.108 UK-FAST-20091028 GB 161

    222.187 CHINANET-JS CN 151

    69.13 CIHS US 83

    93.184 EDGECAST-NETBLK-04 EU 81

    Count of last year of intrusions.

  10. Shane Kent

    and I guess we are left to believe...

    that US companies and government don't hack anyone? The country where bankers/investors/etc blow their customer's savings, draw large salaries/bonuses, and then get the government to screws over the general public to clean up their mess. I would not be the least bit surprised if more hacking comes out of the US than China and Russia combined.

    1. Figgus

      WELL DONE!

      Only 49 minutes into your weekend, and it seems you've already been hitting the "refreshment".

      Clearly, the bankers hack into companies to steal 401k information so they can pillage from other corporate employees, then?

      Note: I don't disagree that hacking comes from the US also. IIRC, a good portion of modern intrusion comes from organized crime, and Russia, China, and the Good Ole' US all have quite a bit of that.

    2. Steve Knox Silver badge

      If you'd actually bothered to read even the report's table of contents...

      You'd have quickly seen that it's a narrowly-scoped report which deals specifically with economic secrets leaking from the US to other countries. It's not about individual countries and governments being responsible for hacking, but about loss of information of economic value from the US.

      Hacking between US entities is outside the scope of this particular report because the information remains within the country. Hacking of foreign entities by US entities is out of scope because it would result in information gain, not loss.

      So that's why they're not mentioned (and should not be) in this specific report.

  11. Lance 3

    "A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman scorned the report in a daily news briefing today and said China wanted to help with cyber-security as much as the next country."

    Why don't they check their firewall logs?

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