back to article Watchdog urged to probe Microsoft's cloud claims... again

The Advertising Standards Authority has been asked to reopen an investigation into Microsoft's boasts of 99.9 per cent uptime for its cloud services. The plea follows complaints that the ad watchdog did not properly tackle Redmond the first time round. As revealed a while back, the ASA was asked by a Microsoft customer to …


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Guarantee is fine

If you buy a watch with a guarantee that it will keep working, it doesn't mean it can't stop working, but that the maker will fix it. Similar deal here isn't it? Maybe I've been in the US too long, where 'risk free' just means you get your money back if you don't like something ;0)

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Does this mean that MS's cloud offerings crash as often as their OS?

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Seemingly a lot more frequently than their OS. I don't think I've seen Windows crash since I installed SP1 on Windows 2000 many years ago. Maybe they are running it on Windows ME Cloud Edition?


ASA is pretty toothless anyway

Advertiser makes outlandish claim in ad.

Ad goes on-air and is seen by millions.

ASA tells advertiser that ad should not be shown again.

Advertiser makes another (different) outlandish claim in new ad

and repeat........

Until the ASA grows some real teeth/balls and has the ability to administer some real sanctions (fines or total ad bans for a period of time) then all an ASA adjudication is doing is showing the advertiser that the ad was doing its job (i.e. getting noticed).

Yes, I know the ASA can, supposedly, refer repeat offenders to the OFT or Ofcom, but when has that ever happened? The likes of Sky, BT and Virgin repeatedly appear in (upheld) ASA adjudications, often due to a complaint from another of this infernal triad, but, apart from having an ad that has already run its course banned, no other action is ever taken.

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