back to article CityFibre raises £500m for UK gigabit rollout

CityFibre has announced an aggressive expansion of its network plans, saying that starting next year it hopes to build out a network covering local authorities, 50,000 businesses, and a million homes. The company has appointed Macquarie Capital as advisor in the capital raisings that will be needed to create its network. …


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The digital divide widens

Sitting on a Market 1 exchange - wondering if this fiber will ever get outside the city centres.

I can't blame the company - they're not a charity.

Does anyone know the detail of this rollout? Will Cityfibre be obliged to include a certain percentage of rural homes in the rollout as condition of whatever authority awards them permission to do this?

It's not a lot, but at least it would be a move in the right direction.

One other question. If Cityfibre goes bust, where does this leave the users?

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Perhaps a "radical" idea might be

To promise a *level* of bandwidth and *deliver* it.

Not the "Users of Scumline Broadband can expect speeds of up to 10 Terabits a second* on our premium service*" BS

*When on a line with no contention at 3am on a Wednesday morning for a bout 5 secs, if you're less than 4 streets away from the exchange.

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