back to article Tech Data sues LCD panel makers over price-fixing

Tech Data is suing several LCD panel makers, alleging that they formed an international cartel to fix prices over at least a decade. The IT distie giant claims from the start of 1996 to the end of 2006 the manufacturers conspired to "fix, raise, stabilise and maintain prices" in a lawsuit filed with the federal court in Tampa …


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OMG. Fines !

1. Customer pays Cartel Extra (total 1B)

2. Cartel gets fined (total 500M)

3. Customer gets money back (total 0)

All in all, governments are very happy to fine Cartels and thus collect more taxes (- as in sales taxes + fines) - god bless <insert country name here>.


Rinse, repeat

Massive profit.

Small fine.

Repeat ...

Those c*nts need to be put in prison!!!!

Or at least make fine > profit from fixing.

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Agree with your final point with one modification.

Given that it is too easy to cook the books with regard to *profit* (net or gross) the fine should be based on gross *turnover* in the panel division concerned - very difficult to evade/falsify. How about an entire year's turnover for the first offence?

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