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If IT managers had had it their way decades ago, we would have never been allowed our own personal computers. The whole idea of giving end-users their own computing resources runs counter to the philosophy that data processing is a centralised function best left to professionals. PCs took off, and dragged IT departments into …


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IDV is a good concept, but requires some technologies to actually make it work.

IDV is a great concept: leverage local compute to satisfy end-user experience, and centralize management to satisfy IT experience OPEX. However, if not implemented properly, this might end up with downgrading both...Here are the necessary ingredients (as implemented in Wanova):

1. Technology to stream and synchronize FAST images over WAN from the data-center to endpoints -- to provision/repair/migrate/update endpoints. FAST is minutes vs. days that it would take with standard solutions

2. Technology to support both physical and virtual devices, as well as centralized or distributed endpoints. Specifically, do not require hypervisor and VM for locally executed endpoints. AND, allow to convert quickly an image across the (virtual or physical) hardware.

3. Layering technology the decouples the stack so that IT can manage even replace the core image and corporate apps, while preserving user-installed apps and personalized settings.

4. Universal access to the "long tail" and associated content

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