back to article Microsoft confirms Kinect SDK for business in 2012

Microsoft has confirmed it will release a full commercial SDK for the Kinect in early 2012, and it’s hoping that the technology will cross the chasm from gaming into the business world. Steve Ballmer promised the Kinect SDK would be released at this January’s CES, and in February Microsoft confirmed a beta version for …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    White Elephant

    At least they are trying to find uses for it outside gaming, as on the Xbox, Kinect is utter shite...

  2. rastansaga

    End of the office as we know it?

    Useful, as long as your business often involves shouting "Lightsaber ON!"

    1. Tom 35 Silver badge

      I'm sure they could do some useful stuff

      Maybe virtual chair throwing for a start.

  3. itspoyle

    white Elephant?

    is this why its one of the fastest selling gedgets of all time.. was everone so very wrong?

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Clearly you have some problems understanding.

      Sales and quality (or even usefulness) have no correlation at all (sorry for the long words, ask a grown up).

      The biggest selling car of all time is the Toyota Corolla, but was it any good? no..

      Almost all the Kinects were sold as pre-orders and soon after release, before consumers even got a chance to find out how shit the games were, or how laggy and inaccurate the detection was.

      Using a measure of shipments (which is not the same as sales) is not a measure of customer satisfaction of an item.

      If you want a measure of that, have a look at the trade-in section of your local game/gamestation... That is the true picture, they have shedloads of them at very low prices, telling you that whilst it might have sold lots on the hype and spin from Microsoft, it certainly hasn't delivered on it's promises.

      1. kain preacher Silver badge

        Hmm Then how come I don't see that many used kinects in my local store ?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Perhaps Microsoft buy them all back

          Or have an agreement with the stores to stick them in a box out back...

          I mean come on, do you know anyone still hyped about Kinect on Xbox (or anything Xbox for that matter).

          It was a novelty at the time, the games never arrived, and Microsoft are keen to distract people with other novelty uses stories in the meantime (of which the media seem to have strangely lapped up...)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Could be used for gesture based shortcuts to email addresses or distribution lists.

    I can think of one for Sales types right now, though it might hurt the wrist.

  5. Youngdog

    Oh great

    "I will now present a summary of our last quarter performance - through the medium of interpretive dance!"

    1. Dan 10

      Oh well...

      It's better than letting me think you're having a seizure.

  6. Ru

    "ruin the music so many of us grew up with"

    Tsk. Once they'd contributed to the Fight Club soundtrack, everyone had heard of them and their music and they immediately became totally uncool.

    You've clearly been a fan of these retroactively-overrated corporate sellouts since then, and therefore deserve no sympathy for your megacorporation-approved musical tastes.

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