back to article UK wants our geeky army

Australian ICT and digital media companies seeking to expand to the UK are being targeted via a new drive from UK Trade & Investment. The body has launched Go UK a business plan competition open to Australian and New Zealand businesses with an interest in crossing the pond. UKTI says it assisted around 40 Australian companies …


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If the UK has to call on the Australian's then the UK really must be in dire straits.

Will they also bring their wonderfull AntiSmut/Porn laws too.....

Aren't there already too many Aussies living in London and scamming the tax system through the creation of "One man companies- that fail after one year just before they have to pay taxes".

Satirical twist really - The real "Pommies" will be returning to the mother land, lol.

[Pommie is a derivitave of POHM ( Prisoner of Her Majesty). The Australians like to call the Brits "pommies" due to the Australians very special brand of sarcasm - yes it is actually the other way round..]

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