back to article Cloudy tech start-up Twilio jumps the pond

Cloud communications company Twilio launched its European expansion today with the release of its telephonic API to the UK and in beta for France, Portugal, Poland, Austria and Denmark. The three-year-old firm, which allows software developers to build applications that make calls and send texts, will headquarter its European …


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Paris Hilton

Learning Management System on Cloud!!

How would be the state of learning management systems if more efficient methods for operating them were incorporated? It would have surely given a thrust to diversified online learning programs. However, with competent Cloud management services, all this and more is possible to bring about changes in e-learning environment.

Cloud as, discussed previously as well is nothing but a medium that provides one with the benefit of accessing and sharing data virtually with extreme flexibility.

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Good but feature incomplete.

I was intrigued by Twilio, so I went looking, they look cool and OpenVBX could certainly do everything I need for business. However: it doesn't do SIP! It is just a redirection service with a softphone if you need. Without SIP it can't integrate with a desk phone or other systems.

I'm also neglecting to mention Fax support, but the lack of that is minor.

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